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Self reflective

I have learned quite a bit during this quarter with this class.  Was nice to be able to fully understand blackboard and its capabilities.  I used the google docs already with a group project in one of my other summer quarter classes.  I was totally unaware of the other capabilities of the net that we covered and how I could use them in my day to day activities.  After the class is over I will be adding links to my live journal so that I may receive up to date information on subjects that I enjoy reading about.  Such as my leisure activities fishing and bike riding.  Was nice that Char invited me to take this class and I will recommend it highly to others.  

You Tube Video

I selected this video as it gives a bit of insight into how we do the HIM jobs.  As many agencies update to the eHR scanning of old records must be accomplished.

Information Revolution

Do we still need librarians? 
Yes I think we need someone to maintain order if nothing else.  They would need to be up to date on computer information though.  A librarian would assist someone whom has difficulty researching the online aspects that the library has access to via passwords or a paid site.

Immigrant or Native

Well due to my age I would say I am obviously a digital immigrant.  I remember back when I started in the workforce we had no computers except the old linux systems.  I used a manual typewriter and was extremely happy when the IBM Selectric came along.  It wasn't until after I retired from the Army that I really got into computers.  I actually worked for a short period of time at a factory that produced computer mother boards and accessories.  I found that to be very interesting to me and learned quickly resulting in being promoted to testing the equipment and troubleshooting at the end of the process line.  Even with that knowledge I have to ask my son to hook up my DVD player at home, change my  cell phone settings, and connect my surround sound.  I consider myself fairly computer literate but this class has opened my eyes already to many things that I was unaware of.

New Technology

Hi All, I have learned quite a bit in the past couple days that I did not know about the internet.  I had never done the twitter thing nor had I ever done a blog.  So all of this stuff is new to me. I guess it is a good way to communicate what is going on in your life to people whom are interested.  Thank You Char for putting all this into the curriculum.

New User

Hi All, am finally getting my stuff together and trying to catch up on what has been going on in this class. Hope everyone is having a good summer and are being safe.  I have been mostly hanging out by the pool at my apartment and reading my assignments from other classes.



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